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Care & Maintenance of Your Tile, Stone & Grout

Laredo Amber RoomTo sustain the life and beauty that tile is capable of, it is important to effectively clean and maintain a tiled floor.  This is easily accomplished with the correct choice of products.  It is important that the cleaners are non-oil, non-animal fat, and non-soap based cleaners.  These components may cause problems due to residues left behind in the cleaning process, which can trap dirt.  Ceramic Tileworks has reviewed and tested many care and maintenance products and has chosen Dupont Stone Tech Professional as our supplier of products to clean, seal, and maintain your ceramic or natural stone installations.  We carry a complete line of Stone Tech products to meet all your unique needs.

Ceramic Tileworks stocks the following Stone Tech

Professional Products:

AllPurpose Cleaner
BulletProof Sealer
Stone Sealer
Grout Sealer
Impregnator Pro*
Enhancer Pro*
*Solvent based sealers

The Ceramic Tileworks Suggested Maintenance Program & Products

Everyday Cleaning: All Purpose Cleaner
This cleaner is a highly effective neutral cleaner specifically designed to clean ceramic and stone tile. Many of our customers return to our showroom repeatedly to buy this product because of its great performance.  This is a daily type cleaner that will not strip away any sealers.

Heavy Duty Cleaning: KlenzAll
May be used on all stone or ceramic tile that requires a thorough cleaning.  It is a professional strength alkaline cleaner. It will not etch stone.  This is the product that will remove heavy construction dirt and is a good first cleaner for stone before sealing.

Sealing: BulletProof
This impregnating sealer is the best product that we have found to seal stone surfaces.  Its advanced micro bond penetration provides the best protection.  In addition it can be used as a grout sealer.

Key Specialty Product: Revitalizer
For stone installations you may choose to use Revitalizer as a regular cleaner for stone.  It is unique in that it allows for easy dirt removal and contains a small amount of sealer for ongoing maintenance.

Key Specialty Product: Enhancer
If you wish to deepen the color of your stone and bring out the unique character you may choose an enhancer.  Enhancers are very popular for use with slates.  This color enhancing penetrating sealer offers stain protection while it enriches the color of stone. For maximum protection Ceramic Tileworks recommends Bulletproof sealer as a second application for enhanced stone surfaces that require superior sealing performance. This would be include heavy use entryways, backsplashes that are exposed to heavy oils, and showers.

Please contact us for additional information on any specific Stone Tech product questions.



The care and maintenance of grout is a common concern for all potential tile users.  It is important to have a basic understanding of grout types and their care requirements.  Ceramic Tileworks distributes the full line of Laticrete products and offers the following grout information.

Laticrete cement based grout
Cement based grout is available in sanded and nonsanded formulas.  It is very strong but it is naturally porous and prone to staining if not properly maintained.  To increase cement grout performance we recommend using Laticrete 1776 Grout Admix in place of water during installation.  This will help eliminate shading and blotching caused by minerals and organic particles commonly found in domestic water.  It also inhibits the growth of stain-causing mold and mildew in the joints with Microban antimicrobial product protection.  Grout Admix will make the grout joint harder.  Once the tile installation has been properly cleaned and dried all cement-based grout must be sealed.

Laticrete Spectra-Lock Pro grout
Spectra-Lock Pro grout is our preferred recommendation for your tile installation.  A non-cement based epoxy type grout, Spectra-Lock is a stain resistant grout that never needs sealing.  It is a 3-part system that has superior color uniformity, stain resistance and durability.

The Laticrete website offers full product details with warranty and installation information as well as product data sheets and information about Greenguard certification.  Greenguard products have been certified to meet high standards for indoor air quality.

General Care and Maintenance Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Do use a sealer on all cement based grouts and all natural stones.
  2. Do use proper cleaning products specifically designed for your tile type.
  3. Do not use cleaners containing acids for routine maintenance.
  4. Do not use wax type cleaners or oil-based detergents to maintain your tile.
  5. Do not use ammonia based cleaning products.
  6. Do not use harsh cleaning tools such as steel wool, scouring pads or metal.

Ceramic and stone tile is a superior floor surface choice and is easy to maintain for a long life.  We welcome that opportunity to answer your specific questions on any product we carry.

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