Travertini Al Contro

Using the finest raw materials and stunning design graphics, Travertini Al Contro stands above other porcelain collections when looking for a technical porcelain that truly looks like natural vein cut travertine stone.  Travertini Al Contro is designed in Italy but produced in the United States allowing quicker lead times for commercial projects. Ceramic Tileworks will stock a new plank size of 8" x 48" in Argento.

All sizes are rectified. 

Made in the USA

Digital Ink Jet Technology

Green Choice - 32% Recycled Content

Care & Maintenance

iris travertini al contro argento porcelain
iris travertini al contro grigio porcelain


iris travertini al contro bianco porcelain
Iris_Travertini Al Contro_Argento_porcelain_floor_tile
Iris travertini al contro grigio porcelain floor tile


2" x 2" Mosaic
Sheet Size 12" x 12"
Available in all colors

2" x 6" Mosaic
Sheet Size 12" x 12"
Available in all colors

SIZES (nominal)

6" x 24" Rectified

8" x 48" Rectified

12" x 24" Rectified

24" x 48" Rectified



Product Classification
Color Body Porcelain - Digital Ink Jet


Technical Characteristics
Deep Abrasion Test - Pass

Shade V2 - Slight Variation

SCOF Dry≥0.75 / Wet≥0.60
DCOF Wet≥0.42

32% Recycled Content

Stocked in Argento, Bianco, and Grigio in select sizes. All sizes are available from the USA with 4-6 week lead time.

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