Spectra Solids

Spectra glass represents a unique style and is the vanguard of color and design. Available in a stunning pallet of individual colors this collection makes a luxurious backsplash in kitchen or bath. 

brick shape spectra glass mosaic bathroom tile room scene
voguebay spectra glass mosaic glass tile spectra glass loose tile pictures


mirage spectra platinum glass tile
MSG01 Platinum
mirage spectra topsteel glass tile
MSG02 Topsteel
mirage spectra graphite glass tile
MSG03 Graphite
mirage spectra copper glass tile
MSG04 Copper

mirage spectra quartz glass tile
MSG05 Quartz
mirage spectra violet glass tile
MSG06 Violet
mirage spectra ochre glass tile
MSG07 Ochre
mirage spectra volcano glass tile
MSG08 Volcano


Brick Mosaic 12" x 12" Sheet
Brick Mosaic
Sheet Size 12" x 12"
2" x 2" Mosaic  12" x 12" Sheet
2" x 2" Mosaic
Sheet Size 12" x 12"

SIZES (nominal)

4" x 4"

3" x 6"



Product Classification

All colors special order with 2-3 week lead time.

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