New Collections


A wind of change is blowing from the North and revolutionizing the aesthetic of stone. Blending the past and present, industrial and natural, concrete and stone, the Resize collection combines the modern minimalism of northern European stone in the Coal and Gray colors with the reminiscent, worn concrete look in the Ash and Bisque colors.

Made in Italy



With the organic imperfections of the surface mingling with the craftsmanship of a flawless installation, the Ashlar collection speaks to us with the profound voice of an artist. The Ashlar collection is made of extruded brick that has been glazed like a tile to create a dazzling form of masonry.


Rugged. Pure. Natural. The Ardenne collection gets its name and inspiration from the rugged terrain of the Ardennes region in Belgium. Mimicking the rocky, forested ridges found in this area, Ardenne features a rocky stone graphic that is beautifully softened by a meandering vein.