New Collections

The Rock

The Rock collection embodies the beauty of stone with a contemporary expression of texture. This modern interpretation is created with unique graphic variation balanced perfectly in four hues. The result is an authentic worn effect.

Made in USA



The Alpes collection artfully combines the aesthetic of several different natural stones originating from the south of France, altering the typical characteristics of sedimentary stone with the more compact look of sandstone to create a unique style and personality.

Made in Italy


The Syncro collection synchronizes the natural environment with your living space to craft perfect balance. This unique harmony is formed with five fundamental and stylish colors and three rich finishes, each with its own distinctive impression. The  soft finish creates the enchanting effect of running water; while the lappato and natural finishes transform porcelain tile into works of sculpture and architecture.

Made in Italy



The Brickart collection exquisitely recreates the look of painted brick in a porcelain tile. Each tile features an organic, one-of-a-kind beauty that enriches and furnishes both walls and floors with a touch of vintage charm.

Made in Italy