Mexican Noce Tumbled

Mexican Noce is a medium to dark brown travertine.  This tumbled collection features a soft tumbled edge that gives installations a timeless and classic look.

Country of origin - Mexico

Care & Maintenance

mexican noce tumbled travertine


mexican noce tumbled travertine


random brick mexican noce travertine natural stone mosaic
Mexican Noce
Random Brick Mosaic
Sheet Size 12" x 12"

SIZES (nominal)

3" x 6"


mexican noce corner shelf
Mexican Noce
9" Corner Shelf

.5" x 12" Pencil

Mexican Noce
1" x 12" Bullnose

Mexican Noce
2" x 12" Chair Rail

Noce Split Face
Dry Stack
Sheet Size 7" x 21"


Product Classification
Natural Stone - Travertine

Stone Origin

Honed and Tumbled

Stocked in all sizes.

The beauty of natural stone is a result of inherent and unique variations of color, shade, texture, and veining. Always blend / mix stone tiles and lay them out prior to installation.

All natural stone must be properly sealed to protect the stone from staining. Sealers may protect the stone with no change in color or appearance or you may choose to apply a stone enhancer to deepen the color and characteristics of the stone.

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