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Visual textures. Soothing colors. Functional durability.

Kitchen flooring and backsplashes are important to the overall aesthetic design of the entire home.  Kitchen floors are exposed to high amounts of mechanical stress so it is important to choose a high quality tile.  Porcelain tile is the best flooring choice for kitchen floors.   Kitchen backsplashes must be tolerant of steam, and food or oil stains.  Kitchen floors must withstand falling objects and abrasion from chair legs. 

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Vintage Souk
Souk Grunge
gazzini grunge grey ceramic wall tileCarmen Souk Grey porcelain floor ceramic wall
Grunge Souk
fap roma diamond statuario porcelain floor tile wall tileBellavita Fresco Taupe Porcelain Floor Tile
Roma Diamond Fresco
Form Tibur
equipe artisan moss green ceramic wall tile
equipe woodland toast porcelain floor tileiris quayside brown ceramic wall porcelain floor
Woodland Quayside
Bellavita Ashlar Luminous brick wall tileFlaviker Resize Gray porcelain tile
Ashlar Resize
Builder Basic Mosaic White Herringbone Mosaic
Libra Builder Basic Mosaics
equipe kensington dark navy gloss ceramic wall tileequipe vestige gesso satin wall tile
Kensington Vestige
Chevron Wall Scale
equipe fragments white wall tileequipe evolution cream inmetro flat wall tile
Fragments Evolution
equipe country blanco wall tileequipe chevron wall white wall tile
Country Chevron Wall
Scale Motif
campogalliano verde 1999 centuries antique florence porcelain tileSurfaces Star Gaze Blue Moon Hexagon Glass Mosaic
Centuries Star Gaze
Panarea Centuries
cot anatolia highland aspen ash porcelain tile
Highland Highland
Highline Highland
Highline Highland
Anatolia Cottage Basilica Veneta Stormio Porcelain Floor Tile
Highland Basilica
Cottage Anatolia Motion Notion Ice Porcelain Truebody porcelain tile
Basilica Motion
Soft Highland
Highland Comfort C
Dom Drift Beige Porcelain
Union Drift
cementine retro retro deco color body porcelain tile encaustic look
Cementine Retro Aequa
cottage anatolia guidonia beige porcelain floorcottage anatolia executive prima charcoal polished porcelain tile
Guidonia Executive
COT Glass Stone Metal Mosaic Woodland Park
Landscape Brickart
pamesa prime stone sand square porcelain tile
Brickart Prime Stone
Verde Silkstone Taupe Porcelain Floor Tilecottage millennium saddle porcelain
Silkstone Millennium
cottage soul earth porcelaincottage soul ivory porcelain
Soul Soul
Union My Home
ABK Sensi Calacatta Gold Lux Porcelain
Sensi Riviera
ANA Muskoka Pioneer Saddle porcelain
Diesel Living Camp Pioneer
Panaria Wood Trend Birch porcelain tile
Wood Trend Stone Fusion
Sensi Overall
Panaria True Light Beige porcelainMediterranea Sahara Autumn porcelain
True Sahara
cottage anatolia executive prima clay polished porcelain tile
Dolphin Executive
unicom icon hexagon variation 1 dove gray porcelain tileSurfaces White Porcelain Mosaic
Icon London
ledger stone charcoal slate
Motion Ledger Stone & Soul
COT Glass Stone Metal Mosaic Arctic Night
Glacier Landscape
mod white glazed ceramic wall tile
Mod Bayside
mod taupe glazed ceramic wall tile
Mod Chicago
cottage anatolia Burlap Belgian Linen Fog porcelain
Sculpt Burlap
verde 1999 i marmi statuario porcelain
I Marmi Signum
Monocibec Eclipse Pearl porcelain tile
Cove Bliss
Bliss Natural
ANA Muskoka Pioneer Ash porcelain
Pioneer Impero
Downtown Floor Tile
Downtown Stone Fusion
Metal Art Diesel Living Industrial Glass

Natural Stone is a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes.  Stone mosaics are featured on our individual stone collection pages. View all stone choice on our stone collection page.
Natural Stone

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