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Ceramic tile is the ultimate design tool to fill the canvas of a room.  Decorative tiles pair with high functioning porcelain tile for thoughtful design solutions.  Minnesota ceramic tile usage is similar to other areas in the US.  Design choices for ceramic tiles range from large format urban contemporary designs to warm texture inspired tiles to finish second home cabins and cottages.

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Essences Essences
Essences Essences
Essences Essences
Marca Corona Essences Iroko Mahogany porcelain tileMarca Corona Essences Iroko porcelain tile
Essences Essences
ABK Sensi Sahara Cream Sable Lux Porcelain
Sensi Shale
cottage anatolia transit carbon porcelain
Drift Transit
cottage millennium dune porcelaincottage millennium cinnamon porcelain
Millennium Millennium
Monocibec New Age Pecan PorcelainSettecento My Home Noce Porcelain
New Age My Home
Diesel Industrial Glass Diesel Living Hard Leather
Diesel Living Industrial Glass Soul
Monocibec New Age Ash PorcelainMonocibec New Age Ebony Porcelain
New Age New Age
Monocebic Crest Silver Porcelain
Diesel Living Camp Crest
Monocebic Crest Sand Porcelain
Crest Diesel Living Stage
Metal Art Crown
Loire Loire
Metal Art Met
ANA Muskoka Pioneer Smoke porcelain
Stage Pioneer
True Blocks 5.0
Iris Blocks 5.0 Dark Wood Porcelai
Blocks 5.0 Blocks 5.0
Mediterranea Sahara Autumn porcelainPanaria Wood Trend Mahogany porcelain tile
Sahara Wood Trend
Panaria Wood You Bruno porcelain tilePanaria Wood Trend Elm porcelain tile
Wood You Wood Trend
Panaria Wood You Corda porcelain tile
Cantina Wood You
Stage Loire
Timeless Timeless
Monocibec Eclipse Sand porcelain tile
Baldocer Luck  porcelain floor tile
Luck Kunny
Castelvetro Renova White Porcelain Floor Tile
Renova Casablanca
Dolphin Dolphin
Dom Ceramiche Smooth Tin ceramic wall tile
Cast Iron Smooth
Roca Legend Arena Porcelain
Spa Stones Legend
verde 1999 evoque carbon unglazed color body porcelain floor tileVitromax Irish Fresno Ceramic Floor
Evoque Irish
Ceramiche Astor Fusion Whites color body porcelain
Fusion Contemporary Stone
monocebic camelot avalon porcelain
Camelot Evolution
ege magma charcoal color body charcoal porcelainVitromax Quebec Gold Ceramic
Magma Quebec
del conca siena noce porcelainDel Conca WineBarrel noce porcelain
Siena Wine Barrel
Campogaliano Karma Miele Porcelain floor tileCentury Keramos Mikonos Decoro Dark Porcelain Tile
Karma Keramos
delconca tudor stone grigio color body  porcelainAriana Portland dove grey color body porcelain floor tile
Tudor Stone Portland
vitromax takoma trail porcelainflaviker dakota avana color body porcelain tile
Takoma Dakota
Ceramiche Astor Fusion Ochres color body porcelainmediterranea chicago state street color body porcelain
Fusion Chicago
ABK unika cream freedom deco porcelaincoem signum rovere grigio porcelain
UNIKA Signum
mediterranea chicago south side color body porcelainModus Floor Tile
Chicago Modus
Mediterranea Bayside Pewter PorcelainSolerars porcelain tile
Bayside Soleras
monocibec echo badia porcelain
Echo Bay Side -
Soleras porcelain tile
Soleras Olimpia
Modus Floor Tile
Modus Ledger Stone
flaviker urban concrete white night porcelain
Urban Concrete

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