Inspirations: Bathrooms

Dramatic Styles. Distinctive colors. Practical solutions.
The bathroom has received increased design focus as homeowners look at this personal space as a room to retreat and pamper themselves.  The dream bathroom may be an ultimate spa retreat or simple clean soothing space with minimal decorative details.  Ceramic tile showers are often the design focus.  Bathroom floor tile is the foundation for good design and practical use.  In Minnesota, bathroom remodeling is a leading investment for homeowners seeking to add value to an existing home.

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Travel Boulevard
Roca Soft Maiolica Tender Gray Ceramic Wall TileRoca Soft Maiolica Blue Steel Ceramic Wall Tile
Soft Soft
cementine retro bianco retro mix retro 5 color body porcelain tile
Soft Cementine Retro
Surfaces Star Gaze Orion Blue Glass Mosaic
Star Gaze Star Gaze
Prime Stone Prime Stone
Surfaces London Blue Porcelain MosaicRoca Soft Maiolica Aqua Ceramic Wall Tile
London Soft
Prime Stone Prime Stone
Marca Corona Essences Elm porcelain tile
Essences Loire
Luminary Prime Stone
Executive Executive
century syncro olive porcelain tile
Syncro Casablanca
Sensi & Dolphin Dolphin
ABK Sensi Statuario White Sable Wall Feel Statuario Sable Pietra Grey Lux PorcelainLEA The Rock Grey Porcelain Tile
Sensi The Rock
Marmi Iris statuario porcelain
Marmi Modus
Drift Blocks 5.0
Met Met
Metal Art Met
ABK Sensi Statuario White Lux Oro Listello Pietra Grey Lux Porcelain
Sensi Diesel Living Stage
ANA Muskoka Pioneer Charred porcelain
Matrix Pioneer
Panaria True Soft Black porcelain
True Seven Sins
Panaria Wood You Fumo Stucco porcelain tileVerde Silkstone Antracite Porcelain Floor Tile
Wood You Silkstone
Astor Travert Grigio Porcelain
Travert Symmetry
Dom Ceramiche Smooth Beige Greige ceramic wall tile
Renova Smooth
Seven Sins Dakota
Dom Barn Wood Grey Porcelain Floor Tile
Barn Wood Alpes
Apavisa Evolution Black Porcelain floor tile
Evolution Cast Iron
Astor Travert Chiaro Porcelain
Evolution Travert
cerim contemporary stone taupe porcelain floor tile
Timeless Contemporary Stone
aequa wood nixemil keystone wind porcelain
Aequa Keystone
Builder Basic Mosaic Matte White 1" Hexagon
Dakota Builder Basic Mosaics
ABK Dolphin Coal Porcelain Floor Tile
Keramos Dolphin
Dado Ceramica Easy Line White Purple wall tile
Easy Line Downtown
ABK unika cream mix wom deco porcelain
cottage anatolia native wood ash porcelain floorSettecento My Home Rustico Quercia Porcelain
Native Wood My Home

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